Looking Back On Twenty Years

Nearly twenty years ago, I founded Media Resource Group. I was in my early thirties and wanted the freedom to work projects that interested me and devote more to time my family. I’d already been fortunate to have worked in senior executive positons with three titans of media – William B. Ziff, Patrick J. McGovern and Felix Dennis. Each embraced change and was fearless in seeking unvarnished truth and fresh insights about businesses, people and human behavior, really.

These men, in their own ways, helped mold my career and indeed, my life. MRG was started to hopefully reflect and spread their expertise, passion and generosity.

No human could have imagined how much media would change over the past twenty years. But if you’re able to absorb market and competitive trends and learn from the experiences of dozens of companies and leaders, I thought I might have decent success at providing practical insights to the owners of contemporary media and business information companies.

Since 1995, we have strived to provide independent analysis and recommendations derived from facts and presented clearly and concisely.

Thank you to our clients who have trusted us with their sensitive opportunities and challenges. And to all our associates who have their contributed meaningful expertise over two decades.

What will successful media and information companies and products look like in the future? It will vary by industry and company but the tea leaves are in plain sight. There will be numerous paths to improving profits and enhancing asset value. I look forward to working with old and new clients who enjoy a journey.


Steve Rosenfield