Steve RosenfieldMedia Resource Group was founded by Steve Rosenfield in 1995 to provide practical, independent and actionable services to media and information companies. MRG is a boutique consulting group with international scope and experience. We’re mission-driven and treat our clients as long-term business partners. As a result, more than two-thirds award us with multiple assignments.

Our ability to quickly assemble expert teams of expert independent contractors makes MRG a logical and efficient choice when seeking an external perspective or operational expertise.

Prior to founding MRG, Steve held executive positions at Ziff-Davis, International Data Group, Dennis Publishing, Scholastic and Circus Magazine. A revenue generator and strategist, Steve was fortunate to have learned from several Titans of media: Felix Dennis, Pat McGovern and Bill Ziff.

During a much earlier time, Steve was a photographer of rock ‘n roll bands and in 2010, published a book entitled Fun & Dangerous. Buy it here.

MRG Associates

Our associates are carefully selected to specifically meet clients’ needs. Experts in technology, content, distribution, marketing, data, events, sales and finance are on-call. With long-standing relationships with about a dozen associates each year, MRG delivers a trusted and seasoned team that’s specially assembled for each assignment. Clients have direct access to our Associates and benefit from their current expertise, fresh perspectives within an efficient, mission-focused structure.

MRG Ventures

MRG Ventures focuses on investments in media, information services and technology. Media Resource Group is a subsidiary of MRG Ventures, Inc.