• MRG delivers confidential advisory services to owners and stakeholders of media and information companies. Steve Rosenfield and his Associates help business leaders identify, evaluate and execute on opportunities that drive financial performance and enhance asset value.

  • MRG specializes in business and product strategy, growth initiatives, operational analysis, interim management and mergers and acquisition services. We strive to provide fact-based perspectives, informed analysis and measurable results.

  • MRG serves US and international corporations, family-owned businesses, private equity firms, banks, venture capital groups, entrepreneurs and not-for-profit organizations. We’re based in New York City.



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Strategic Planning
Growth Initiatives
Portfolio Rationalization
Product Line Extensions

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Pricing & Analysis
Interim Management

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M&A Services

Early Stage
Due Diligence


 Brief Engagement + Measurable Results.

MRG works quickly and efficiently. Projects are typically completed within a few weeks or a month. We work alongside business owners, senior executives and stakeholders who demand clear, actionable and measurable results.

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Best Practices + Fresh Ideas.

We attain industry standards and exceed them. We apply years of operational experience when needed, and fresh, innovative thinking when warranted in order to optimize performance, improve financial results and extend client leadership.

Complete + Always Confidential.

We’re thorough and discreet in our analysis of an organization, an issue or opportunity. Then we deliver a clear and concise presentation that enables meaningful and profitable change. We work in collaboration with client teams or externally in a completely confidential manner.



MRG works with leading media and information organizations, their owners and stakeholders in the US, Europe and Middle East. Our clients include international corporations, family owned businesses, private equity, banks and venture capital firms, entrepreneurs and not-for-profit organizations.

More than two thirds of our assignments come from existing clients. We view this as a testament to the quality and value of work.

We focus on our client’s goals – not on promoting our accomplishments. Our engagements are frequently  confidential and many of our clients don’t announce our arrival or input. That’s the way they like it. And so do we.

Although we don’t publish a list of clients, MRG’s capabilities, effectiveness, integrity and results can be verified by contacting our clients when requested.



  • Interim Management

    Led an existing team to assemble, grow and operate an international media and information business for healthcare technology professionals. Through organic growth, new product lines and acquisitions; revenues tripled and industry average profit margins were attained within three years.

    Acquisition Services

    Evaluated, valued and negotiated the acquisition of a US-based healthcare media company, German-based marketing services company and UK-based event businesses.

    Due Diligence

    Conducted market and operational analysis on an information company in the real estate and healthcare sectors for a private equity client.

  • Valuation

    Provided valuation opinion for a consumer media brand with revenue streams in digital and print media and e-commerce. Advise on board-related matters for same consumer media company.

    Expansion Strategy

    Conducted US market analysis and recommendations for a European-based healthcare communication company. Report included market and competitive analysis, business rationale and pipeline of potential acquisitions.

    Strategic Planning

    Worked alongside senior executives at a leading media and information company to develop strategic plans for twenty brands and lines of business.

  • Interim Management

    Interim management of $30 million media group. Organized business for growth through product investments, streamlined operations and new sales initiatives. Increased revenues and profits over eight month period and transitioned business to permanent management.

    Business and Development

    Investigated and created two new products and launched an e-media initiative. Helped refine the core publication positioning, conducted sales training and created the marketing collateral. Within two years, revenues rose more than 50% and profit even more.

    Due Diligence

    Conducted acquisition due diligence, lead integration of business units and served as member of the executive management team of a media company. Involved in corporate strategy to streamline operations, conducted business reviews and executed revenue generation plans. Revenue and profits more than doubled.

  • Product Repositioning

    Helped rejuvenate and reposition a special interest magazine. Analyzed and modified editorial, circulation, production and sales. Market share increased 7% in 15 months, revenues and profits rose more than a million dollars.

    Interim Management

    Served as interim president of a directory business, reorganized and stabilized the business adding e-media components and print/web ad packages. Halted the revenue freefall and minimized profit deterioration.

    Business Strategy

    Helped devise corporate growth strategy. Conducted due diligence, business reviews and provided interim management of multiple properties as well as corporate and business unit marketing. Expanded businesses into e-media and events. Annual growth exceeded 10% per annum.

  • Investment Strategy

    Conducted an enterprise-wide business review then made recommendations on acquisition and divestiture. Devised cross-media sales rationale, programs and rates. Revenue growth exceeded 30% along with commensurate increase in profits.

    Feasibility Study

    Executed a feasibility analysis of US launches of print and e-media properties for European media company. Supplier negotiations and staff recruitment. Identified, qualified and contacted prospective acquisition targets.

    Operational Transition

    Provided integration and transition services for a newly established media company. Analyzed e-media opportunities, evaluated the sales force and instituted management reporting system with forecasting tools. Assessed numerous new products’ revenue potential and created practical and actionable plans for revenue growth.

  • Strategy

    Authored white papers on evolution of distribution channels and product pricing dynamics that effect manufacturers’ marketing practices.

    Product Development

    Created multi-media ad networks from research to rates, to marketing to sales training. Assisted management in the budget planning process through account planning, new business development and business management support.

    Feasibility Analysis

    Investigated and tested the feasibility of new advertising sections across major consumer magazine group. Conducted pre- and post research. Sold $800,000 in incremental revenue.

  • Investment Strategy

    Advised and directed the formation and growth of a Middle-East media company in print, events and e-media. Introduced and implemented best business practices, formed and trained management teams and created successful joint-ventures. Revenues grew from under $2 million to $9 million in three years.

    Pricing Strategy

    Optimized a media company’s rate cards to generate $300,000 in incremental annual revenues.